Grandmatriarch's storyEdit

Year: 1843
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Grandmatriarch state: APPEASED, ANNOYED, ANGERED

Location: Japan, Tokoyo

One nice day, everybody was having fun. Until, an unidentified creature was roaming around, minding his own business. Nobody really cared, Until later that afternoon, at 5:42 pm, there were even more of them. People started to wonder what they were and where they came from. Scientists tested them. It said it was a Burnt Sentient Cookie.

The next day, when everybody woke up, the town was FLOODED with them. People had chores to do, like go shopping or, whatever they do. But, nobody wanted to, arguing who should, ROCK PAPER SCISSORS, But nobody could simply work it out. 25 minutes later, a news report came in saying that the whole town was flooded. But one thing they never knew was, they were starting to eat people. They started to grow bigger and bigger, until they could grow no more. 

Then, came to bad and creepy part. They were crashing into 98 year old Grandma's houses and encouraging them to start praying to Satan. Eventually, every grandma in the whole world was a satanist, even the Kindest of all grandmas. 

After they did all that, they started to eat people, to rule the land with with their grandmas, (there's way too many!), and their cookie kings and queens.