Hard Mode is an harder version of Cookie Clicker that you can turn on when clicking on the "Wipe Save" option in the Menu when Prestige.

Effects Edit

Your CpS is lowered permanently, and the amount of buildings you can buy are limited (150 Buildings maximum)

Grandmapocalypse Edit

The Grandmapocalypse background are always stage 3 when purchasing the "One Mind" upgrade and there are no upgrade to stop the Grandmapocalypse. The wrinkler's don't give you cookies (Cookie farmers are never choosing this mode) . After researching enough and you buy the "Grandma Extinguisher" upgrade, you will get the Achievement "Grandmastopalypse" but a boss will spawn, The Cookie God.

The Cookie God Edit

The Cookie God lowers your CpS to 1 and the only way to defeat him is get 1,000 cookies. Once you do, The Cookie God dies and will never be seen again. You get another achievement too, "You're The Cookie God". After, you go back to your previous game but with 2 billion more Heavenly Chips.

Trivia Edit

  • The second time you click on the "Wipe Save" button, a message pops up saying: "You want go through it again?! I won't let you!", but there's a "Yes, I like hard challenges.", and a "No. Too hard." button.
  • But, there's a "Really wipe save" button, which has 5 Gods instead of 1!!!!!!!!!!

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