WANIN: VARUY SCERRY! tIHS IZ AN CREPA PAZZA AN BASET ON A REEL STORI NSFW GAIZ ASS i SAD AERLYER VARRY SCERY!!!!!! It waz an baeutieful nit an mee n ortiil kised butt tehn wii feed aech otter cokeez an strated sexin an tehn i reealised hee hat feed mii an piosoinus cokii i siad wtf orteel r u trien 2 mak mee dieded? He siat it waz a acidentz an tehn i dieded. butt tehn i surviveded an i sau orteel waz an cokie monstar an tehn i tunned in 2 an cokie an tehn he ateded me. An teh mowal off teh storry iz dont aet cokiez. TEH ENDER 

Tis iz hau ortiil loked. I is teh cokee he eting

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