Potato Knishes CLicker is a HTML/Javascript hack of Cookie Clicker Classic, themed on Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft. It is currently very WIP.

Milestone HeadlinesEdit

The numbers are the same as the original's showing up.

  • You want to make potato knishes. But nobody wants to care about that.
  • Your knishes are popular with Clyde.
  • Your knishes are popular with Summer Solstice Baby.
  • Your knishes are popular in the whole castle.
  • Your knishes are renowned in the continent!
  • Your machines create potato knishes.
  • Your knishes are becoming magical and mysterious.
  • Your knishes bring all the boys to the yard!
  • Strong Bad is now eating your knishes daily.
  • The fiction world now loves all of your knishes!
  • The amount of total atoms of knishes you ever made is bigger then Jupiter.
  • The milky way now renamed to "knishes galaxy", republicans blame Obamacare.
  • You find your knishes sentient; love keytars and card games.
  • The grandmas of the ancient times wake to taste your knishes.
  • Your knishes are now classified as an animal.
  • The universe has now turned into knishes, to the level of atoms.
  • All news stations run a 24-hour segment about your knishes. Success! (in a small font, it says "(you win a potato knish)")
  • it's time to stop playing, seriously. (in a small font, it says "(i'm gonna do the big update next, i promise ya)", implying that the post 1.0 updates are next.)

Feed TriviaEdit

  • All of the earlier milestones are like the original milestones.
  • Some milestones are like the original.
  • The sentient knishes liking keytars and card games reference Clyde's keytar, and the modder liking card games.
  • Strong bad is a character from Homestar Runner.
  • The knishes being made by your machines, and their magesty and mysteriousness reference lyrics in the song "Potato Knishes", what this whole hack is based off of.
  • The mention of repubicans blaming obamacare for unrelated things had to do with the government shutdown that happened at the time for dumb reasons that republicans started.

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