"Alright, when I wrote this short Cookie Clicker fan fiction, I think I was not entirely there mentally. I mean, who the hell would write a Cookie Clicker fanfic? Some uncivilized persons even thought that I was a spambot promoting random cookie dough online maker giftcodes!!!! Hahahaha!!! You should only read if you're high and know what is Cookie Clicker. The classic Portal reference may also make you smile."

Quoted from where I found the fanfic.

Darkside of CookiesEdit

Hey everyone, I would like to share my experience on the dark side of cookies.
'join the dark side, we have cookies!' They said. But it's false, the cookies have the dark side. No one can truly have control over cookies, but the opposite is happening, now!

You then become the slave of the Grand Cookie, he makes you click even more!! click clikity clickitikty click and your brain is now but a magic senseless brick! Zombified, you now do everything possible to please the Grand Cookie, but he's never satisfied!

I hired random elderly women to help me please our Grand Master. We built factories on half of the planet, we dug holes on the other half! We expended the Cookie Empire to outer space and in other dimensions with the science of Cookie Portals. Those still alive then helped me in my research of anti-matter condensers. All of it for him.

BUT IT WAS NEVER ENOUGH!!! He always wanted more, more and more of it. He enslaved them, the elders were now under his tyrannical control! But not only the elders! He found a way to make poor little cute kittens work for him too. But on a rainy day like any other, the elders had enough! The bingo centre could no longer hold the fury of the Grannies! Dark times for the cookie kind ensued, it was the Grandmapocalypse!!!

But the kittens and I were still under his control! We were cruelly sent into battle against these freaks, who slowly transformed into real monsters as the war progressed. Don't ever make the mistake of underestimating them, they are many, but they are one mind! I cannot tell who won yet, because it has not ended yet...

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