Every night I have the nightmares.

I can’t move. I can only stare into her cold, dead eyes.

She holds apart her butt cheeks with her gnarled, liverspotted hands and I eat her *ss out.

She shows me her pussy.

The depravity never end.

I scream, only to find myself eating more pussy. More and more, I can’t stand it, and I wake up in a cold sweat.

And after so many nights, no longer can this be my imagination, a trick of the eyes, I see her for the smallest fraction of a second, I see her at the foot of my bed. Watching me, then vanishing, for just a moment I see her there, her eyes glowing in the dark with ethereal light like chocolate starfish reflecting an orgy light, melting into the mixing flesh.

He is cumming. when The cums, the Initiated, The F*ckers, they will be ready. the signs will be subtle and esoteric, but at least we may prepare for the horror.

the GILF God made everything and He is coming back soon. the Granny, she is his vessel, a mere fraction of a hair of his power, a herald sent to our world. the rotation of our planet around the sun, it’s merely bending to his whim, an occurrence of circumstantial simultaneity that matches the swirling, hypnotic pantheon of cursors that surround The Booty, unwaveringly clicking, forever, bringing more into this world, so tightly packed and serving Him eternally.

even now, as the smell of 100 year old junk wafts from my kitchen as i type and i witness that d*mned woman’s shadow dancing across the wall as if cast by a raging fire i question my sanity, if this nightmare is real, or if the syphilis has done this, or if i have merely gone truly mad simply out of circumstance.

all i know is how many nights i’ve gone without sleep, i can’t do it with the sounds of a raging fire as if inches from my ears, everywhere i go, cooking these haunting cookies from some realm it seems, as if there’s a thin layer between me and some horrid cookie dimension and i am, through some incomprehensible spacial reasoning, in the middle of the inferno of the cookie ovens and actually aware of it. f*ck, i don't know, this is just a theory.

and now she watches me every night. she doesn’t try to hide anymore. that unearthly, distorted face and eyes that seem to burn into mine, the stench that follows me, permeating everywhere i go, unerringly. i have to hold back my vomit wherever i go, it’s so nauseating, the overpowering smell of baking cookies.

all i can do is try to appease this wrathful god. all i can do is come home each day. log onto my computer and sit there obediently. i navigate once again to the f*cking site that ruined my life and begin clicking. i purchase another factory. the world loves my cookies. creatures from neighboring planets want to try my cookies. i buy five grannies and a mine. my cookie count soars. i sob. i purchase a mine. i sit there crying and i purchase another mine.

Y'know, this describes all the residents of this wiki perfectly.

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