Cookie gun

The cookie gun was seen being used by both sides

In the days before Cookie Clicker there was a great war between the Grandmas, their elder gods and the loyalists who were fighting against the freedom fighters (Ff) with many awesome people including the admins on Cookie Clicker wiki who were fight for their freedom from the Grandma's wrath on Cookie Island which is shaped like a cookie. The war lasted for five years and here is what's happen over those five years.

Year 1 to 2 The Elder's wrath Edit

The war started in the grandma's favor as they start to attack many Freedom fighter's outposts and bases with their rolling pins of doom and cookie guns. They destroy many Ff factories making the cookie from the army. The Ff were having trouble trying to supply their troops with fresh food because the Grandmas burned their farms down and they also blocked off the supply route because of this the Ff were forced to eat cupcakes because they were saving the cookies for their cookie guns but it wasn't the same.

Year 3 to 4 The tables turnedEdit

At the beginning of the third year the Ff had taken over seven cookie farm with their new weapon called the "burning oven" flame tank which cooked the Grandmas and the Loyalists to a crisp but the loyalist were far from over they attacked the Ff capital with there new weapon, a toxic chocolate sprayer but they failed and their forces were destroy. In year 4 the Ff pushed into to Easton Cookie Island destroying the Grandma's and the Loyalists with many new weapons in there hands.

Year 5 The EndEdit

The Ff were pushing in deep into the Easton side of Cookie Island but the Grandma had one last trick up their sleeves the ultra-deadly destroy gun which can turn cities to ashes but the weapon overloaded before one shot fired and ending up destroying themselves. The loyalists gave up and as their punishment they were forced to work for the Ff soon after there were parties in the streets as the people partied all night and day.

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